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First wolf reproduction in Austria since 19th century




First wolf reproduction in Austria since 19th century

A camera trap has documented the first evidence of wolves breeding in Austria in more than 100 years. The camera trap image shows wolf pups walking along a forest road. It was taken in the ...
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Caught in the wire: The rise of border security fences forces reconsideration of wildlife conservation strategies in Eurasia
Between 25.000 and 30.000 kilometres of wire fences and walls surrounds the borders of many ...




Expansion of Golden jackals across Europe creates tricky legal issues
Golden jackals (Canis aureus) are advancing across Europe. From its traditional range in the ...

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Amazing video images

Author: John Linnell/Friday, June 6, 2014/Categories: News

Amazing videos turn up from time to time - and these are some of the best.

The first is from Austria and shows a wolf turning up to claim a red deer which two hunters had just shot. The second is from the Italian Alps and shows an unlikely encounter between a bear (running away from the photographer) and a hiker walking on the same trail ..... nobody wa shurt, but the question remains who was the most scared.


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